Welcome to the Vivante Restoration website

Your go-to source for updates on the restoration process of our community.

As a resident in our community, we understand that you want to stay informed about the project’s progress and have your questions answered.

That’s why we’ve created this website with easy-to-navigate boxes on the homepage that will take you directly to the information you need.

Work Schedule

Stay updated with the latest information on the work schedule for each building in our community. We understand that this information is critical to our owners and renters, and we update it daily to ensure that you are always in the know.


Weekly Progress Report

Coastal will update the residents of the progress in their particular building with photos and a brief statement about the weeks restoration activity.


Expectations of Residents

The success of this project requires the cooperation of everyone in our community. That’s why we’ve provided clear guidelines on what we expect of our owners and renters during the restoration process.


Community Safety

Although we touch on this multiple times throughout this website, we feel it is very important and therefore we have a section for safety.
If you see anything that you feel is unsafe, please report it to a Coastal representative. The only way this can be a successful project is there are zero incidents to personal safety of our workers or the residents.

Currently happening

We have been in constant motion around the Vivante neighborhood, getting the area prepared for the massive construction project that is about to begin. There are several moving parts, and we are doing our best to get them lined up in the same direction to make our project a success.


We have been doing triage to the roofs and exterior envelope of the buildings. We began with the Harbor Buildings and are moving toward building 95 and 98 to be next. The roof drains have been addressed, so they should not leak before the roofs are replaced. We have been sealing the exterior walls of the buildings around the window opening to mitigate the water infiltration. We are satisfied with the material we selected and have done several test areas that have proven the most effective. We have completed the rear elevations of the Harbor buildings and are moving to finish the side elevations on May 23, 2023. We will then move to Building 95 and start the procedure there, then to Building 98, and so on. The buildings being selected are due to several factors, severety of damage and funding available.

We want to hear from you!

If you have any problems, concerns, or questions, please use the form provided under this heading to submit them to Coastal. Additionally, if you would like to hire Coastal for work on your individual unit, we have provided a separate form for you to do so. Any questions or concerns received via the Contact Coastal form will be copied to Vivante management and the ROC.


We will be setting up a showroom in the North side of the Clubhouse with flooring samples, door trim, baseboards, cabinets as well as paint color wheels for the residents to contact us and let us know if they would like us to handle their personal interior finish work once the associations part of the restoration is complete.